Looking for the Perfect Event App in 3 Easy Steps

The event app is one of the top mobile solutions for events. It is being offered to attendees in different types of events today. If you are still not familiar with how this mobile app works, here is a short run-down.

It is practically a mobile app that can be downloaded to any mobile device that typically runs on either the Android or iOS platform. Event organisers give specific access to this type of app via individual log-in details. Within the app, there are several features that can be used to increase attendee engagement and networking during events. The most common features of the event app are the following: allowing attendees to send messages to one another, take down notes for event sessions, see different types of event information (e.g. attendees, speakers and sponsors), and access engagement tools such as Q&A and live polls.

While there are many other features that can be incorporated to this type of app, you may already be aware of them as an event organiser. The next step to do is to start your research and look for event app providers. Here are three easy steps to look for the perfect event app:

1.) Consult app directories online.

A simple search in Google should lead you to top event providers. Try looking for app directories where event apps are ranked according to user reviews or price. This should allow you to narrow down your list faster. Perhaps you should also start by looking for event management software providers. These companies usually provide the event app as an offshoot product of the bigger software.

2.) Seek for recommendations from your friends.

Alternatively, you may also seek for recommendations from your friends and connections within the events industry. As mentioned above, the event app is widely used by many event professionals today. Try to ask them which solutions have worked for them in the past. If they are not your competitors, they would not mind pointing you to the right direction – especially if a particular event app provider has met all their needs in previous events.

3.) Try out free demos or trials.

Lastly, try to check out free app demos or trials. As soon as you already have a short list of top companies that you would want to explore more, you can start your enquiries. Contact the different companies and tell them that you are interested in investing in their solution. Request for a short demo of the app or, if possible, ask them if you can have your hands on a free trial app. This way, you can appreciate the full suite of features of the app and see if it is something that can truly impress your attendees.